GalaktIka Ltd. - Innovative solutions in machining

Our company has been providing the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and energy industry with manufacturing precision and high-quality spare parts, equipment, and tools in unique, small and medium production run since the early 1990’s. Continous development and innovation make it possible that our partners' ideas and plans can be realized much faster through close cooperation and daily contact.

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Manufacturing technologies

R&D cooperation

Having decades-years-old connections in the field of Research & Development, we not only provide manufacturing cooperation, we also provide a cooperation in the development process of the focused projects also, which takes both the manufacturing and accomplishing aspects into account.

Applying all of these advantages in one project, and the daily contact provides a stable background for our Research & Development partners which considerably help their projects to increase effectiveness, and help their competitiveness both from financial and market appearing sides.

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Our many years of experience in customized production involve the knowledge of machining different materials: high-quality technical plastics (PEEK, PTFE, ZX-100), and super alloys (Hastelloy, Inconel) This knowledge highly improve our products durability and reliability. Thanks to these materials, both the cost of the heat/surface treatment and the implementation time can be decreased. Finally, an earlier accomplishment and faster delivery can be offered to the focused product.                                             

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The technological basis needed to meet our partners requirements and expectations we have state-of-the-art computerised machinery which is compatible with designing software. According to our main line, the machinery which is needed to manufacture precision spareparts is adjusted to create products of small-sized spread and having compound surfaces.

In the course of our technological developments, the machines are regularly modernised as well as the checking and measurement tools for quality assurance.

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