Our philosophy

We have been guided by the philosophy of the founder of our family company, Lajos Kristóf since 1993. Galaktika Ltd. has become a growing and effective company achieving outstanding results by the cooperation of its highly qualified and committed staff. Our main objective is to help our partners' professional and marketing progress by carrying out the planning and manufacturing tasks in the most efficient ways and in the highest quality.

Our innovative machines (the purchase of which has been done by EU support for the 5th time guarantee to solve the steadily increasing professional tasks. The developments to extend capacity contribute to meet the growing demand of our customers. Also, updating the present technology and introducing new ones help our partners to solve their unique and challenging tasks.

Our many years of experience and expertise in customized manufacturing considerably help the pharmaceutical, chemical and medical equipment manufacturers. We work with them in close cooperation and daily contact in order that their projects created in the process of R&D will be realized as soon as possible.